Meide Group

Innovation for the future

Meide Group USA Inc. is an extended corporation of Meide Group originated from China. We are a worldwide company engaged in production, trade, warehousing, and investment. Meide Group established Guang Xi De Tian Chemical Cycle CO., LTD.  in 2001 for producing Anatase Titanium Dioxide. Subsequently, in 2007, Meide Group acquired Guang Xi Jin Long Titanium Industry CO., LTD which specialized in manufacturing Rutile Titanium Dioxide. Meide Group USA Inc. was established in 2011 for the company’s objective of global business expansion. And the office is currently locating in California, USA.

Guang Xi De Tian Chemical Cycle CO., LTD, a well known Anatase Titanium Dioxide manufacturer in China, was founded by Meide Group in the year 2001. The advanced technology unit processes allow the company to produce 200,000 tons of high quality Sulfate processed Titanium Dioxide each year.  With approximately 50 acres (200,000 square meters) state of the art facility, and 1,100 dedicated professional employees, the company has earned a prestigious reputation in the Chinese chemical industry.  


We have the know-how that you need

In the year 2007, Meide Group has acquired Guang Xi Jin Long Titanium Industry CO., Ltd. The company constructed a 65 acres (265,333 square meters) proficient site devoted to produce Rutile Titanium Dioxide. Along with 300 well trained engineers, the company was able to obtain the most innovated expertise to produce 50,000 tons of eminent Titanium Dioxide annually.   

Meide Group has been adhering to the principle of segmental quality must under control strictly in every procession since its inception.  Our quality management system conforms to the standards of ISO 9001: 2008. The highest standard production ensures the product’s quality at its finest.  Our products accommodate quality excellence for variety of raw material applications. Such application scope includes paint, ink, rubber, paper, and plastics. Along with many years of experience in chemical manufacturing, we have earned a prominent name in the chemical markets of Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the United States. Meide Group USA Inc. guarantees to provide the highest quality products and the best service to our customers.