Guangxi Jinlong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd

Jinlong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd was acquired by Meide Group in the year of 2007. With a joint capital of over 9.2 million USD, the company has constructed a 65 acres proficient site to produce elevated grades of Titanium Dioxide.


The facility is locating in Nanning LiuJing Industrial park for transportation purpose. The location of the site, Nanning, is the capital of Guangxi. Being the capital for one of the major cities in China, Nanning encompasses many major ports, railway tracks, and highway networks. Thus, it is an ideal geographical location for efficient transportation nationally and internationally.


With over 220 professional workers and 76 well trained engineers operating the site everyday, the company conveys unsurpassable expertise in producing eminent grades of Titanium Dioxide for years to come.